We have associated our skills in scientific cold and imports in respect of european norms and have created LABOLOGIC, with the ambition to offer to distributors of lab equipment some new reliable and CE certified products.
Each unit is tested by our technicians before selling.


Chest Deep freezer 50 liters -86 ° C

A small 50 liters chest freezer

Ultimate convienience

Organic solvent Freeze dryer

down to -135°C Cold trap

Chemical free freeze dryer is -120°C ~ -135°C cold trap with powerful freezing power, and it can capture organic solvents whose freezing point is -115°C ~ -95°C like ethanol, methanol,acetone, hexane or Iso-Octane.

Acid freeze dryer

If samples or solvents to be diluted in samples contain sulfuric acid,
hydrochloric acid or acetic acid. The drying chamber and the cold trap of FDG is made with borosilicate glass.
Therefore, if the proper experiment or production is difficult because
of corrosion of stainless or Teflon coated materials, the model for acid is appropriate.