We have associated our skills in scientific cold and imports in respect of european norms and have created LABOLOGIC, with the ambition to offer to distributors of lab equipment some new reliable and CE certified products.
Each unit is tested by our technicians before selling.


Latest technology Upright Deep Freezer - 86°C

Ultra Low Temperature Deep freezer

Adjustable temperature range from -10°C down to -86°C
Frigorific circuit utilizes the latest advancements in term of reliability
Only one circuit with two compressors
If a default occurs on one compressor, the other shall be in a  position to perform -70°C

Capacity :
538 liters - 352 cryoboxes
668 liters - 400 cryoboxes
758 liters - 480 cryoboxes

Pilot Freeze dryer

Square-shaped drying chamber can reduce the installment area about over 30% by maximizing the effective area for drying compared to other company’s circular chamber with the same capacity.
Experiment data like sample temperature or degree of vacuum is stored on SD Card already equipped and is easily transferred to the user’s PC to analyze.

Double door Deep freezer

Two doors - Two temperatures

Labologic on the market for a new freezer - 86°C DOUBLE DOOR with the particularity of having an opportunity to decide two different temperatures behind each door.